Personalized Nutritional Care

Custom tailored for all of my clients

I purposely craft individual nutrition sessions, education, management and planning based on needs, goals and medical history. I meet my clients where they are and move forward with them, giving encouragement, empowerment and education. My goal is to create a relationship and system of trust and transparency.

Education and Empowerment

Evidence-based nutrition care

I believe knowledge is power and gaining and understanding of the body and nutrition is key for developing healthy behaviors and patterns. I encourage realistic goals and sustainable change for long-term results. Individual sessions allow me to connect on a very personal level, which is an important part of what I do. I offer many levels of nutrition sessions and care:

  • Weekly meetings and very specific accountability and planning
  • Monthly or bi-monthly meetings designed for encouragement and more general “check-ins”

All clients will receive a combination of the following services in a one-on-one setting based on my assessment of needs.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Food and nutrition can help or hinder treatment and disease management. For individuals with a diagnosed medical condition or disease, I can help you take control of symptoms and treat the condition through nutrition.

  • Individualized nutrition based on medical needs, physical condition, client goals
  • Diabetes management
  • Heart Disease
  • Many other conditions – please contact me!

Nutrition Education and Management

For individuals who do not have a diagnosed medical condition but want to make healthy food choices and sustainable, realistic changes for long-term health, I can help!

  • Working around food allergies and sensitivities
  • Clear up confusion about food – what is healthy for you
  • Learn about diet and food trends and how these can affect you
  • Healthy baking and cooking
  • Recipe and meal ideas

Grocery Store Sessions

  • Learning seasonal shopping
  • Choosing the healthiest food to buy
  • Comparing brands and labels
  • Nutrition label reading
  • Understanding Ingredients

Corporate Wellness and Group Lectures

I love to lecture and offer workshops to groups, from large corporations to small local businesses. In my workshops, I rely on my clinical training as an RD, using evidence-based information to educate and inform. My goal is to reach and educate as many people as possible in my time as a Registered Dietitian through meaningful and engaging discussions about nutrition and health topics that are relevant today.

If you are interested in booking me for a workshop or lecture, fill out the form below or call me at 860.540.6642. I have a variety of topics and formats to fit with your company’s or group’s needs.

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