My Mission

To provide nutrition education to groups of all sizes, businesses and mom-and-pop shops, because healthy happy associates are what every business should have!

Jessica Dorner

Registered Dietitian

I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Masters Degree in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University. I am also a Certified Reiki practitioner and work in the intuitive world. My interests as an RD include group education in corporate and small business settings, Diabetes Management, Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness.

My personal interests include enjoying my favorite bands in concert, traveling, spending time with my family and friends, reading, sewing and crocheting. I have a side business making bags and scarves out of up-cycled material, mostly sewing old sweaters into functional creations. Sewing takes my mind away from the bustle of daily life!

In my down time, I look forward to escaping to Las Vegas or another sunny warm destination, which has finally started looking like a reality again. Where as sewing takes my mind away, traveling satisfies the soul in a whole new way. Traveling also allows me to try new foods, as I am (ironically) not the best cook or baker… my family will certainly attest to that! The best tasting food is the food someone else makes for you.

I believe knowledge is power and gaining an understanding of the body and nutrition is key for developing healthy behaviors and patterns.

My Values

A simple code

  • Truthfulness
  • Information based on facts and scientific evidence
  • Fairness and equality
  • Judgement-free
  • Empowerment through empathy and understanding