Personalized Nutrition Care & Holistic Wellness

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

    I provide individualized nutrition programs based on medical needs, physical condition, and your goals. For those with a diagnosed medical condition or disease, I can help you take control of your symptoms and provide treatment through nutrition and wellness practices.

  • Nutrition Education

    Want to make healthy food choices and sustainable, realistic changes for long-term health? My education program puts you in control of your daily diet, including working around food allergies and sensitivities. Clear up confusions about food and start making healthy choices!

  • Grocery Store Sessions

    Shopping can be daunting and finding the right combination of foods is tricky with the ever changing landscape of food, nutrition labels, and knowing what will provide the most nutrition for your dollar. My private sessions help you find the right food the first time.

Jessica Dorner, MS RD

Focused on your health and well-being

I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) using education to empower my clients. I believe knowledge is power and gaining understanding of the body is key for developing healthy behaviors and patterns. I encourage realistic goals for long-term results. Areas I focus on include Diabetes Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and Mindfulness.

I love to lecture and offer workshops to groups, from large corporations to small local businesses. In my workshops, I rely on my clinical training as an RD, using evidence-based information to educate and inform. My goal is to reach and educate as many people as possible in my time as a Registered Dietitian through meaningful and engaging discussions about nutrition and health topics that are relevant today.

“I see myself as a ‘tool’ and a resource for my clients to reach their goals and gain a lasting understanding of their body and health.”

Empowerment through empathy and understanding

I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and work in the intuitive world, helping you on a path to personal, physical, and energetic health and wellness.

Reiki is Japanese energy based technique used for stress relief and relaxation to promote healing.  It is a safe, natural, non-invasive method that can contribute to physical healing, emotional calming, reduced stress and mental clarity.  Reiki is used in hospitals and clinics all over the country. While Reiki should never be used in replacement of any disease treatment, it is currently considered a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) that can be done simultaneously with other types of treatment. As a safe and natural form of energy healing, it can provide stress-relief, relaxation, mental clarity, physical healing, and emotional calming.

Upcoming Events

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Jul 14

Powder Ridge Mountainside Market

July 14, 2019 @ 11:00 am

Sunday is another awesome day at the market, and you can get a Reiki session or Personalized Wellness Services with me. I have specials if you book a future session too! Come down and see what all the awesome vendors will be offering.

Jul 15

Facebook LIVE! with Jessica and Sarah

July 15, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

I am so excited to team up with my fellow co-worker at Journeys, Sarah Baillargeon, to offer a new service: the Premier Wellness Package!  This service is tailored according to the individual client’s needs, goals and health.  How can Sarah and I help you reach your wellness goals? Tune in…

Aug 04

Meet and Greet with Jessica and Sarah

August 4, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

Sarah and I are excited to launch our newest service: the Premier Wellness Package!  This package is customized and tailored to your needs, goals and overall health.  You are in control of this service!  We provide you tools, encouragement, empowerment and understanding, all while standing beside you on your journey….