Alternative wellness techniques

The Practice of Reiki

Achieve relaxation, stress-relief, spiritual wellness

Derived from the Japanese words for “Vital Life Force” or “Universal Life Energy”, it is a form of energy healing that can provide stress-relief, relaxation, mental clarity, spiritual wellness, and emotional calming. This is achieved by a Certified Reiki practitioner who will lay their hands gently on or directly above the body, and will focus on proper energy flow.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Reiki is used in hospitals and clinics all over the country. Many people who have cancer, going through treatment, or in remission, as well as their care-givers, can receive Reiki at many cancer centers throughout the country. In my time as an RD student, I met many people who had started Reiki during treatment and continued to get it after they finished.

While Reiki should never be used in replacement of any disease treatment, it is currently considered a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) that can be done simultaneously with other types of treatment. I often use Reiki as part of a complete delivery of services for clients who work with me for Nutrition Therapy.

Although Reiki is not administered in group settings, it is possible for individuals to learn how to tap into it’s uses as stress relief and relaxation.  This corporate offering is not yet available, but will be in the coming months.  Please connect with me if you are interested in this feature of my wellness programming for groups and businesses.

Understanding Reiki

And How It Works

In the energy world, we can associate “stuck” energy during life events such as emotional stress, or physical ailments. For example, a person is experiencing a stressful time, maybe from work or just other things happening in their life. Suddenly they are hit with a headache, neck pain, and tension in their shoulders. Emotions have energy, and emotional stress can trigger physical reactions. This emotional stress can also get “stuck” in the body.

A great analogy to think of is a fan whose blades are moving at medium speed. Now imagine throwing mud at those blades repeatedly. The mud represents stress, and as more mud collects on the blades, the slower they will begin to turn. Eventually the blades will be so weighed down that they will stop turning completely. This is what “stuck” energy in the body is like.

Reiki will help remove that stuck energy and get the energy flowing properly again.

Important To Know

It is NOT a religious practice. Anyone can give and receive Reiki with the right understanding or practitioner training. There is no dogma or need to believe in anything in particular.  Reiki works by using the energy of the Universe, from the Earth and everything around it to help your energy centers re-align and function.

It is safe and natural. You do not need to do anything other than relax and allow the energy to flow. There are no pills or potions, nor are there exams or physicals. You may be asked by the practitioner to fill out a short medical form and this is mostly for liability and safety in case of emergency. Reiki practitioners keep your safety, comfort and energy in their minds and will work with your best interests at all times!

When receiving Reiki, some people feel waves of energy, warm spots, chills, and some feel nothing at all. Some people see colors or other visions while they lay with their eyes closed. If you do not feel or see anything, it is totally fine. The Reiki is still working. You may take a few sessions to experience anything, but if you don’t, that is OK too. Some people even fall sleep!

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