6 Tips for Making Infused Water

Category: Food Tips • July 21, 2019

6 Tips for making infused water

“Get more water” “Drink more water” “Hydrate!” “Drink plenty of water” “Be sure to drink enough water”
Well that’s great advice, isn’t it? It is very hot out there, so sure, we always want to drink more water to avoid dehydration. I think the problem is – how do you know how much water is “enough” for you? A quick calculation would be to divide your body weight in half and that is about how many ounces of water you need to drink. To equate to cups, just divide that by 8. For instance, a 175lb person needs about 88 ounces of water. Thats 11 cups a day.
Does that seem daunting? Follow these few tips to reach your goal!
1. Carry a 20-30oz reusable insulated bottle (I use a Thermos brand, but Yeti, RTIC, Corksicle and even the Walmart and Target brands will help you keep your water cold
2. Fill your bottle up first thing in the morning (literally FIRST thing) and drink it as you get ready for your day. Aim to drink 30oz before you leave for work/school etc.
3. Fill your bottle before you leave the house, and sip on it in the car. Make it a game: at the beginning of every song on the radio, take 3 big gulps.
4. Drink at least 8oz of water before or with every meal.
5. Mix it up! I have two different insulated bottles to keep plain water in one, and flavored water or seltzer in the other. Both are cold and when I’m bored of plain water, I sip the flavored kind!
Check out some ways to make water and seltzer more exciting! Don’t for forget to wash your produce before hand!
One note I want to mention – some stores have “flavored sparkling waters”. These are usually non-calorie beverages -some of them have non-nutritive sweeteners like aspartame (and some of them actually have regular sugar too) While these are fine in moderation (1/2 cup or so), they can actually make you MORE thirsty and defeat the purpose of drinking water! I would recommend flavoring your own water or plain seltzer instead of paying extra for these flavored drinks.